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Aquarius Personality

It is when he acts as though he does not like you that he is close to being hooked, and the reason is elementary- simple logic. The Aquarian water bearer like everybody. Everyone is his friend. He will even refer to his worst enemy as my friend. So it means something when he says he does not like someone. Just what it means may take some study. The various nuances can complicate.

An Aquarian man does not want to reveal his true feelings, in spite of his favorite pastime of penetrating the feelings of others. His own reactions and motives are complex, and he intends to keep them that way for the pure pleasure of fooling you. Many strange experiences will come to this man, through both love and friendship, and he will scrutinize each one avidly. Until you get him to the altar, you are just another experience, another experiment, hard as that may be to take. Do not sniffle. He can be tricked, for all his caution. But before you start tricking him, You had better try to understand how to cope with his unique outlook about people.

He is a group man, and teamwork comes naturally to him. Aquarius understands the fair play rules of sports as if he had invented them, and he carries these rules into his personal relationships. His interest are scattered all over the place. Thats because his love of people is so impersonal; he gives a certain value to everyone he meets, while the rest of us save such efforts for only the very special people in our lives. To an aquarian, everyone is special. And I mean everyone. Even those he has not met yet. Few Uranus men are either selfish or petty. When he does show those qualities, a gentle reminder that he is being narrow-minded will bring him around. Aquarians just can not stand to be called narrow-minded.

He will almost surely lead a life of change, controversy and unexpected events. Yet there will often be moments of perfect tranquility with him, impossible to find with any other Sun sign. Once he is over the shock that he is allowed him self to become interested in one above all of mankind, he can be an extremely considerate lover. The danger area is before he is over the shock. Since he is so accustomed to neglecting his own problems in the interest of the majority, hopefully some of this attitude will rub off on his love life. Do not count on it, though. The chances are just as good that he will suddenly realize he is devoting his complete loyalty to you when there are all those other nameless faces out there who need him. Then he may lean over backwards to prove to himself that he has not lost his love for his friends and the rest of humanity by being attached to just one person.

The girl who wants to land him eventually has first to intrigue him. An open book will never pique his curiosity.

Aquarian men can be touchingly gentle and docile, but you had better tie a bright blue electric string around you finger to remind you that his surface calmness is a mirage. So is his apparent pliability. He wont tolerate an ounce of opportunism from a female.

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