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Ashtanga Yoga

  These days alll over the world in the intellectual circles there is a strong desire to know more about Yoga.

  In the present days when the stress level of the people is increasing due to various reasons and people want more and more from their lives the relevance of yoga is also increasing as the modern day medicine is unable to provide answer to most of the problems and challenges that are being faced today.

  The competition being faced all round also means that the people want higher mental capacities to stay above board. Yoga teaches you how to improve your mental power. How to stay calm and fight the stress and come out as a winner.

  But Yoga is widely misunderstood as a set of physical exercises and postures only. Those who know more know a bit about meditation also. But the total picture as was prevalent in india in the ancient times and was compiled by Patanjali in the form of "YOGASUTRAS" is very rarely understood.

  Here, I highlight the meaning and the concept of yoga as compiled by Maharishi Patanjali.


  Yoga is a sanskrit word which means to join. Thus, Yoga is system which joins our body with the superior being. It joins the soul with the God. It joins the mind with the soul. It joins the conscious, sub-conscious and the super conscious minds.

  Patanjali defines Yoga as "Yogasrichatvreetinarodh" Which means Yoga is restraint of mental States.

  Mind is always wandering, it has immence capacities but it is very difficult to restrain it and put in on a particular field of thought. So mind has to be restrained from dwelling on the subjects of the heart and senses. This mind which is having a very high level of concentration because it is aiming only at a particular area of though can have great powers of achieving anything it works on.

  Thus, controlled and restrained the mind is capable of achieving great heights. It can achieve the knowledge which is apparently hidden. It can look into the future, achieve high physical standards and make discoveries, inventions and innovations. This is waht Yoga is all about.

  Once you achieve a high mental level by following the path of Yoga you can achieve the following :

    i) Material Prosperity by better understanding, better analysis and better decision making.

    ii) Power over humans, as with your better concentration you can understand the humans better and can thus control them.

    iii) Understand the laws of nature and apply them to make discoveries and inventions.

    iv) Develop your mind to heal others and your own self - as you have better concentration so can direct the forces of nature to cure the people you want to cure.

    v) Achieve the super conscious state by which you can see God himself and be a part of his superior being.

  What you want to achieve, once you have achieved a level in Yoga is for you to decide.


  The Yogis had developed a body of knowledge over hundred of years and through many generations. This body of knowledge which was studied by many Rishies and Maharishies and various experiments were carried out over it had come to be known as 'YOGA' in ancient India.

  Maharishi Patanjali was also a great Yogi who understood the body, the senses, the heart, the mind, the soul and the supreme being well. Thus, he compiled the knwoledge which was available at that time in various works into a thesis known as "YOGASUTRA".

  His work is considered to be a master piece and all subsequent works have either based studies on his work or have drawn heavily from it.

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