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Cancer, called as Kataka, is the third astrological sign in Zodiac. Its ruling planet is Moon and is considered as "feminine", negative (introvert) sign. Its sign is water and it is associated with the fourth house in astrological house. According to tropical zodiac, sun enters Cancer on June 21,at the moment of summer solstice, and leaving it around July 21 and in Hindu astrology it is July 16 until August 15. The natives of Cancer are generally considered to be compatible with the natives of the other water signs Scorpio and Pisces, and the natives of the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Aries and Libra are signs of the other nature (masculine/extroverted), but are considered semi-compatible with Cancer due to them having the same ronment. nal quality.
Cancer sign is Water, which is associated with emotions. These people are very emotional and love their family and home. They don’t like even a tiny criticism to their family. Home and family gives them true strength and stability. These people are very gorgeous and kind to others. They make every move carefully and so are successes to their plans. They take their work very seriously and love to work in a discipline environment.

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