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Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign on Zodiac and is known as Dhanus in Hindu Astrology. Its ruling planet is Jupiter and is considered as a masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. Its sign is fire and is considered as the ninth astrological house. The sun enters Sagittarius, according to tropical zodiac, on November 22 and exits on December 21 and according to Hindu astrology, it is from December 17 to January 20. Sagittarius is better compatible with Aries and Leo.
Talking about Sagittarius, thing that comes to mind is positive outlook, full of energy, adventurousness and a love of traveling and exploration. These people are optimistic and stand for honesty, integrity, independence and justice. Whether it is gambling or general life, these people are known for Luck. They generally need a lot of space and freedom. They are better lover. At work, they like to explorer new projects.

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